Through a glass darkly (Spoken Word/Poetry)

Posted: May 8, 2014 in Uncategorized
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So here I am in the same old place- looking for truth and clinging to grace.

Eyes on the prize but my spirit is weak. God give me the courage for the answers I seek.

I know that your word says this life is a test but, I’m so tired of fighting and just long for your rest.

Wisdom and faith seem so close in the light-but when shadows encompass- my heart is the night.

God give me discernment and give me your eyes -so that I might perceive- the truth from the lies.

Cause nothing seems certain in life’s masquerade. So many are hurting but deny their afraid.

So many are living for themselves and not you. So many are hiding from honor and truth.

Integrity dies at the door of our pride, when we shut up our hearts and don’t let you inside.

Spirit of God, you call us your own. You love us, protect us,- make us your home.

So create us anew in this world filled with lust. Overcome us with love-

and teach us to trust..-

-Melinda Clark (Spoken Word)


“Man often become what he believes himself to be.” -Gandhi

But from which side of the mirror do we see?…



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