Beyond Emotion – To TRUTH

Posted: April 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am an emotional person.

I feel the world around me. I feel through situations. I feel out my own reactions to others. I feel. I feel.I feel.

It is what makes me an artist, a creative person, an intuitive writer..

But, I also know that my life cannot be run on just emotion.

Actually I’m starting to think it cannot be run on emotion at all..

Society says ” follow your heart.” I think they are actually just saying ” If it feels good, do it.”

Obviously the Bible teaches otherwise.

“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked.” Jeremiah 17:9

If I were to run my life on my emotions I would be back to where I was nearly 5 years ago. ( and that nearly destroyed me and everything I love! )

I am humbled this morning after reading the Ben Sauer blog.( )

I marvel at this mother who, daily, watches her four year old fade away into the cruelness of cancer; A mother whom doctor’s have told ” There is no hope for your child.”

But, in spite of it all, she Reasons..she Thinks..she proclaims Truth..She even Rejoices sometimes in what she does small small scraps of hope..

This morning her blog was titled ” Jesus loves me, this I know.”..(this i know..not, this i feel!)

She wrote beautifully and heart-wrenchingly about how her little boy can no longer walk, or dress himself;

how he needed morphine this morning just to be ” comfortable.”-

But then she proclaimed how she knows none of this is from God.( Sickness is from the enemy!) How she knows her God is loving and compassionate and then, she closed the entry by proclaiming how Good God has been to them!..

Simply incredible faith..Faith not based on emotion or feelings..

I, on the other hand, have stormed the gates of heaven on her behalf in this past week; crying out to God,

” You can heal that child.Why don’t you do it?!””..

I FEEL like God owes her that. (After all, she has this awesome faith I cannot even fathom and that little boy has, literally, thousands praying for him.)

Shouldn’t that count for something! !? Wouldn’t many come to know our God if he would just breathe healthy life back into that pain racked little boy?!!

I FEEL angry at God. I FEEL frustrated at his lack of action. I FEEL like my own faith is slipping ..

But, this morning, as my husband and I shared a devotion on “having the right attitude” ( which really made me uncomfortable ) and I dissolved into tears that I’m such a failure in that department ( woe is me)

I was reminded..We are not to base our lives on EMOTION and feelings!..

We are to live our lives based on TRUTH;

The Truth of God’s Word. The Truth of God’s promises!

You see, for emotional people like me, 1+2 often equals 4 ( in an emotional moment)

In other words, I cannot see logic or truth when I am overcome by fear or anger or worry.

Only when emotion subsides can I see the mathematical error in my thinking .( 1+2 still equals 3 after all! whew!)

What we see and feel is literally not always TRUTH ( still confused by the logic of

I do realize my last entry was about not applying logic to the supernatural.

I do not recant that position but, I should clarify that I do believe we need to back up the supernatural with known truth;

(Truth that tells us about the character of God, Truth of the prophecies already written in His Word..etc.)

And, we should never base our “beliefs” or faith on emotion. (Example:” this religion just “feels” right” or “wrong”)

I admit, It’s easy for me to write these things but much more difficult to place them into practice.

I go around ” sensing” the world about me ( seen and unseen) but, sometimes, in the most obvious of situations,(and with the people I’m closest to), I am WRONG in what I conclude..

I’ve always wondered why, Until now.

I’m beginning to realize that I base my closest sensing’s ( such as with my husband) on How I FEEL.

Subsequently Emotions tangle the truth and I end up making the wrong conclusions.

( This is why it is much easier for me to correctly sense a situation / person I do not know (stranger) because I’m not emotionally invested in them!)

Back when I was involved in the wrong side of the supernatural I learned a bit about astral projection (also known as “remote viewing”)

One of the main rules for a successful projection was emptying oneself of all emotion!

You had to just ” see”, not feel.

Feelings made the experience dissolve and grow hazy ( or even produce false images)

Even though I no longer participate in the occult I’m wondering if there was not some wisdom in this teaching.

( Remember, everything in the enemy’s realm is a counterfeit or copy of the power and truth God holds)

While Satan’s aim in astral projection is to get the participant in an open place of vulnerability so they are weak (and can be manipulated) God’s aim in telling His people not to allow emotion to rule them is to place them in a place of strength so His truth ( not their emotions!) can reign in their lives!..

(It never ceases to amaze me how God uses my past, even the negative parts, to reveal his Truth in my life.)

I pray that today ( and in each day ahead) I can “see” clearly, not just with my emotions and sensing’s, but with God’s TRUTH and promises instead.

I may always be an “emotional person” but, this I Know;

My marriage is strong, My feet are on the right path, and I still believe in the infinite goodness of my God..



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