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Posted: April 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I have a bone to pick with whoever coined the phrase ” Age is just a number” .

Ever since I turned a “certain age”..(don’t make me say it!..ok.Fine! .40.( ugh) my body just seems to Know it has entered a new decade.

Maybe its all in my head.

Maybe its all my fault for pondering my numerical  “age”.

Maybe its actually a real phenomena no one has ” scientifically” documented quite yet.

( “attention people ; we have now discovered the “40 gene”! Only 10 million dollars and you can have it removed!”)

Either way, Age is happening to my body and, I HATE IT.

I know,  realistically, I’m probably just noticing more ( scrutinizing every new wrinkle, every dimple ( and not the cute kind normally located on the face..:s )

Sometimes I wish I was more distracted in life with deeper things.

Maybe then I wouldn’t notice..or even care?

( then again, I might accidentally turn into the proverbial “hairy lunch lady” )

I know this is a “vain” blog entry so far..:D

So, let’s cut to the chase ..

I hate getting old!! ( old-er that is – Let’s not rush things anymore than we have to 🙂

BUT, I know ( in my heart ) outward beauty is NOT what truly matters! ( or even what God looks at)

There a few verses in the Bible on this . My personal favorite is this one:

Charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain [because it is not lasting], but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the Lord, she shall be praised!” Proverbs 31:30

I relate to this verse because, I will admit it – I’m vain.

It’s a flaw I’m trying to work on.

But, I can see that who I was as a young women is fading into a  more , shall we say, “mature”  women.

Its not all bad..I guess..

But, I love that this Scripture gives hope to every single, aging, women out there (and we are ALL aging, ladies..)

If we fear the Lord, (I love that the Amplified Bible says “worshipfully” fear the Lord )  We will be praised !

So, no matter how wrinkly, saggy, or baggy we become, true beauty will still shine out- from the inside..

(unless of course , inside, you’re a prune..Then, I wouldn’t count on it.)

I’ve met old ladies that personify this.

The “God fearing, life loving” ones; they literally Glow ..(I want to be like that someday..all “glowy” 🙂

But then there are the “not so God fearing”, “I have a piranha down my shorts”, types..

Yeah, you know the kind. (Look like they ate a lemon and are about to spit the seeds on you..)

Not a pretty picture!

(even the” physically attractive” ones..Nothing ruins outward beauty faster than a pruny face..Hmm, perhaps I need  to smile more!!..:) 🙂

There is also a scripture I tend not to enjoy as much on the subject of outward appearance. ( yes, I just said I don’t like a verse in the Bible. what?..Its not a sin..)

“People judge by outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” I Samuel 16:7 (NLT)

Why does this message bother me?

Not because I disagree with it (don’t worry, I accept the Bible as the inerrant word of God..All of it.)

But, it tells me that humans ( men in particular ) look and see mostly with their eyes. They see the “outward appearance” and overlook the inner beauty (or ugliness) ..

Look at any tv show, internet web search, fashion mag..It’s all about physical beauty.

Lately I’m actually shocked by the number of older celebrities getting face lifts and such.

So many surprised, feline looking faces, with stretched lips, slanted eyes and smooth skin ( although they often skip the neck/ hands ..why?)

and playing parts cast for half their age ..(Who are they fooling? Not me certainly!)

But, I also admit, if I had the money, I might do the same..gasp..( at least a partial face lift/ chin tuck)

Honestly, this admission bothers me..

I know aging is inevitable but, I still want to fight it..(I can’t seem to decide if that’s “wrong” either..)

Some men seem to rile against women with plastic surgery

But then they look  admiringly at younger women or even comment how some older women ( who have had “work done” ) look good for their age!..(double standard?  hmmm.)

But, I digress. The second half of this verse also makes me squirm a bit.

God looks at the heart! 

My heart! Your heart! He sees every single flaw and vanity and selfish desire!

But, the awesome part?

He also Loves me (and you) !

So, He sees us through “eyes of Love” ..(even our “vain hearts”)

So, I admit, I’m still not sure how to “gracefully” handle the aging process..

I’m a work in progress.

But, as I age, I also don’t want to be a vain, self centered,” grouchy because I’m wrinkly”, old women!

Life is far too short, too precious, and too beautiful for that!

Oh God, teach me how to be beautiful;

from the inside out..


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