Flat Tires and Divine Favor

Posted: March 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

So, it’s been a not-so-great week;

Nothing hugely earth shattering like a death or loss of a job

but, seriously, it is usually the non-earth shattering things that really wear us down, isn’t it?

A couple days ago I stubbed my toe. (stupid wall just jumped out of nowhere..)

No big deal right?

Well, it shouldn’t be except that my foot decided to turn all purple on top and it REALLY hurts when I walk..

So, maybe I broke the toe?

I have no idea but, since I’m not the “run to the doctor” type, (unless I’m dying)

I guess I will leave it up to God and my body to do the healing..

Yesterday I also had a tire blowout. Two actually. Both had to be replaced, Completely.

You see, we have these wonderfully huge, swimming pool sized, potholes, in town this year.

They are great for swallowing a small car whole

or breaking a tie rod

or bending a rim

or exploding a tire..

or two..

(City Department, fix them please ! my poor little, bashed up ,Prizm, cant take much more..*sniffle)

Actually Im praying for a new (aka: slightly used) car soon..Just don’t tell my Prizm..

So, as I went through this day, (foot aching and cold, since I cant wear anything but a flip flop right now) I have been gravitating back and forth between gratefulness and annoyance.



Well, first of all I’m still walking (albiet like a drunken sailor)

And Im pretty darn sure no cast or surgery will be needed.

AND that tire blowout? Well, lets just say it was providential when it happened.

I was pulling up to a light/intersection so I was slowing down

(not going over 20 mph..really! (that’s to anyone who thinks I am a leadfoot..)

When I hit the pothole (aka: underground cave) and the tire blew I was able to limp through the intersection and pull right into the local Chipotle parking lot across the street.

I called my husband on my cell and he was able to leave work early to come and help me.

As God would have it, the Chipotle parking lot just happens to share a lot with the local Firestone car garage..

But, that is not all..

My tires, the ones my car needed, They just happened to be on sale!

My car was in and out in less than an hour (and I should probably mention it was the Last Hour before they closed..)

I’m not going to call any of that – “Luck”.

No way.

It was nothing short of Divine Favor, Providence, Grace!

This was my Father and God taking care of His kid (me 🙂

It reminded me of all the other times Ive almost, but not quite, had BAD experiences.

Like the time I stopped at a red light in town ..

When it turned green something just told me “STAY!”

My foot stayed on the brake.

Half a second later later a huge truck came barreling through the intersection

Right through his red light.

He slammed on his brakes right in the middle of the intersection.

I would have died in the side impact to my driver’s side.

No doubt.

But, I did not.


So, I’m going to try to remember these things when small problems loom in front of me..

My God is still with me!

Protecting. Guiding. Loving -Always.

Thank you, Jesus.

Help me to trust you more..


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