Of Dreams and Light

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Supernatural
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Last night I had a dream.

In the dream there was a forest of trees .

Beneath and among  the trees people were standing and sitting.

They all looked sad and dejected.

There was no sound.

There was a bright, harsh, light coming from behind them in the trees.

(the kind of thing you see in the movies when there is a facility with floodlights nearby -or a helicopter- or aliens.)

Because of the light I could not see the features of the people. They were mostly in silhouette.

I Could see they were tall, short, thin and fat. All sizes.

This is all I saw. The trees. The people. The light.

After I woke (and all day actually) I have been seeing this “dream” over and over in my mind.

I wonder who the people are. I wonder why they are just standing and sitting and look so- dejected.

Why don’t they go toward that light behind them?

I often have dreams like this one.

Sometimes they mean something.

Sometimes they don’t.

( or, if they have meaning, it is lost to my human brain)

My dreams can be wonderful or they can be horrible and frightening.

( I usually chalk those kind up to the enemy playing ping pong in my head or, maybe, – to eating that handful of candy laced trail mix waaay too late at night.:S

But, sometimes, my dreams are  what I call”glimpses”.

(A very sharp, visual image, that burns itself into my brain and is pretty much remembered forever.)

Sometimes I am awake when they happen as well (I believe these are often referred to as “Visions”)

I have experienced these “glimpses” (and Visions) just before major devastation in the world including tornadoes and tsunamis.

The strongest one I ever had (and the one that shook me the most ) was of a young girl who was kidnapped in our town and her entire family murdered

(horrible horrible thing to happen in your own town..:(

I will never forget walking into a prayer session at my church where the youth were gathered to pray for the girl and her missing family. (they had not found the bodies yet..)

Suddenly, in my mind, I saw a young, blonde girl huddled in a dark place. She was cold and scared.

The words “I will Save Sarah” went through my head..

(to this day, I believe it was the voice of the Holy Spirit.)

I remember the gooseflesh on my arms raised as I uttered a prayer for her. (and, up to then, I had not known the girls name)

Later Sarah Maynard was found alive in the basement of a house near my own; (only blocks away in fact)

She had been held captive by a very sick man who had kidnapped, sexually assaulted  her, and murdered her brother, mother, dog and friend.

I still wish I could have seen more in that “vision” so I could have helped authorities..

But who would have believed me at the time if I told them Sarah was safe and in some “dark, cold place”..?

(worse yet, I could have been implicated as a suspect for knowing such things..)

Today, as I watch the news, and we go forward into another day that flight #370 (carrying 239 souls) remains missing, I cannot help but wonder if my dream is somehow related to them..

I know it is possible but- improbable.

I do pray for all those souls though, wherever they may be..

I also think about the meaning in the dream, on a deeper level.

The people in the glimpse are standing around in shadows; sad, angry, giving up- when, just behind them, there is a LIGHT…

Light floods their world and yet they cannot see it; or, if they do, they cannot reach it.

Maybe they are blind?

Perhaps this is an allegory for the spiritual.

Are we living in the shadows of spiritual darkness when the “Light” is so so close?

I pray I never choose to live in the shadows again.

I pray I never go blind to the beauty of this God-created world/universe (in spite of the darkness in it)

Jesus is light.

His LIGHT is our hope..My hope.

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind.

The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:4-5


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