Keeping it Real- The Dangers of Hypocrisy in Testimonies

Posted: February 17, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Years ago, when the first draw toward the Occult came upon my life, a well meaning youth leader handed me a book called “Satan Seller“.

The intense testimony of a former Satanist converted to Jesus intrigued me deeply.

Unfortunately, I began to notice that only days after reading the book I began to return to it again and again for “certain” information.

Was I reading the redemption part of the story? No.

What drew me inexplicably were the details of Satanism!

Even as an impressionable teen I was confused by my reaction. Why would a book written and sold for the purpose of rescuing others from the darkness actually draw me to it?

Being quite young and naive, I finally concluded in my mind (and with the help of a few “friends”) that the explanation might be that I was seriously messed up, even evil.*

For years this occurrence troubled me until a scandal suddenly came to light in the Christian community.

The writer of the hugely popular Satan Seller book was exposed to be a fraud and hypocrite!*

Not only had he fabricated the details of being a satanic high priest etc. He had also been married many times ( a few of those marriages coming from extramarital affairs )

The man’s life and testimony was a virtual bed of lies and fabricated redemption!

More than being shocked, along with the rest of the Christian community, I was also upset.

How many more impressionable people had this man duped and now alienated from the faith because of his lies?

It took my own journey from faith to fallen before I had enough grace to see him again through Jesus’ eyes..

Today as I ponder this memory I am struck by another thought.

Is it possible that when someone lives for Jesus in hypocrisy and without truth, that their “false testimony”  can become a curse instead of a blessing?

I am not saying that God cannot speak and move through anyone at anytime, no matter how carnal they are. He is God after all.

But, I cannot deny how much the Satan Seller book drew me to darkness instead of warning me away. ( and I never understood that fact until the writer was revealed as a fraud..)

What was it Jesus said to the Pharisees in his day; to those religious leaders he called “vipers, snakes, and workers of iniquity”?

You hypocrites! Well did Isaiah prophesy of you, when he said: “‘This people honors me with their lips, but their heart is far from me; in vain do they worship me.” Matthew 15:7-9 (NIV)

The last part of this passage stands out the most to me.

In vain do they worship me.” The Amplified Bible translates this passage as “Uselessly do they worship Me.”..

In Vain? Useless?..

So, if it’s a lie, it’s basically pointless?..hmm

Sharing my testimony about my own walk through the Occult and the redemption of my marriage has been so important in mine and my husband’s life.

But, lately, God has been speaking consistently to my heart about the importance of being ” real” truthful,  and without hypocrisy.

It really does matter!

Does this mean I’m perfect? No.

But, what it does mean is that I have utterly forsaken the darkness I was delivered from.

No turning back to those things I was rescued from; not even a tiny foothold for the enemy to gain entrance..

Because the truth is, this is not just about me. A personal testimony is about everyone who hears or reads the story.

It’s about how it affects them.

Will they be drawn to the darkness (as I was after reading that book) or warned away?

I see now how important it is for all of us who lift high the name of Jesus to walk in Truth; be it in our testimonies of redemption, in the public view, or in private moments when no one but God is watching.

Pastor, Worship leader, Singer, Writer, Mom, Dad, or Spouse;

Your mouth may deliver the word of your testimony but, your Walk will reveal it’s Integrity.

Keep it “real” sons and daughters of God.

And may all our testimonies birth blessings instead of curses.

-Melinda Clark




  1. Louise Adams says:

    amen and amen!

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