The Beauty of -Imperfection?

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The resounding cry of ” I wish I were perfect!” often goes through my head.  Translation?-I wish I never said, did, or thought anything wrong..and, yes, physical perfection would be nice too..:) But then sanity sets in..and I realize something important. –

If, by some chance, I was miraculously made perfect then no one on this earth would want to be around me! Why?

I would stand in stark contrast to others. I would be the white against their black. I would be a horrible, guilty, reminder of what they are not! ..

So, is it possible that imperfection, in this world, makes us loveable? ( and redeemable?)

I am beginning to understand that the honest acknowledgment of our imperfections and the willingness to be redeemed (allowing God’s perfection to shine through us instead) makes us not only redeemable but- Beautiful!

Maybe it is far easier to love a work in progress than a finished product of perfection? Maybe it makes us feel- understood- needed?
I am not saying embrace your sinful imperfections and wallow in them ( some things will hurt us and others!) But give yourself over to the One who made you instead. Run into His perfect arms when you fail and believe that ” He who began a good work in you WILL be faithful to complete it”(Philippians 1:6)..

When it comes to God and His unconditional love for us perhaps this statement sums it up best –

” God loves us not because we are “good” but because we are His!

– not because We are good enough but because He is good enough..” ( Liz Curtis Higgs, Embrace Grace)

Amen to that! 🙂

-Melinda Clark 9/11/12


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